Friday, November 14, 2008

Thank You For The Memories

Thank you for the memories
Of a love that's less than true
for the lessons learned were plenty
and the happy times were few.

And I thank you for your support,
the support you would never give
when I needed you the most,
those times, I can't forgive

I thank you for your love,
a love that didn't exist,
for all my childhood memories
are those of pounding fists.

And I really want to thank you
For loving only some,
I tried my best to please you,
But love for me was none.

So I thank you with my heart and soul
for but one good lesson learned
That should one day I love someone,
My love they need not earn.


Sriram said...

nice blog can get a much better template

Naaz said...

sweet poem

Anonymous said...

hey !!
nice poetry...but d text wud luk ausmn if u'll use a bit of yellow...
REST ALL IS GR888888888!!!!!!!