Thursday, November 20, 2008

If Only I Never Knew You

If our Hearts were but two strangers
Maybe I'd Feel whole
Never having known your touch
Or looked inside your soul

If our Eyes had never met
No spark had lit the fire
I would not be burning now
Lost within this pyre

If our stars had never crossed
Our dreams had never met
You'd be another in the crowd
My mind could just forget

Instead I sit here desolate
Reliving every day People asking what is wrong
Not knowing what to say

My Heart is cold, my soul it burns
I loved so now I've lostSometimes it's hard to figure out
If all is worth the cost


ishita said...

WONDERFULL saying .......reality of lyf

chirag said...

nice dude
keep writing

you can see my blog at this address:-

Archie said...

y dont u write anymore?