Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Rose For You

I Used to Give You Roses
Our Love Used to be So True
but For Every New Rose I Gave You
An Old Rose Bid Abdu
So As Our Love Has Burn Out
ive Given You 100 Roses
but Now I Give You 1 Last Rose
that when this rose bids abdu
My Love Will Have Ciesed For You
this Rose is Unlike the Others
its not frail and does Not smell like you
this rose will never die just as my love
for you will never die to. may this
rose remind you of me may this rose
guide your life true
100 roses ive given you
that all bid abdu but this
rose will never leave you
and will forever show i love you.

may your life be fantastic
because this rose is made of Plastic

by evan williams

Evan williams

1 comment:

Yogesh said...

well done yaar,wht a pht.
i've ne'er seen such a phts.