Monday, February 9, 2009

Today, the heart is sore again

Today, the heart is sore again.
I stand alone, and think of you in pain

I see strangers everywhere
With an unfamiliar look on their faces to bear

I’ve been awake since you have left
With a hollow shadow of me to reflect

The days are short and the evenings are endless
There is no life in the air and the breaths are breathless

Remove your veil and let me see
For there is no other key to set my soul free……!

I stand alone….

I saw this man on the beach. I don't know why but it looked that he was sad, upset and unable to express himself. I am not sure why he was worried but I dedicate this poem to him... May Allah guide you and protect you where ever you are. Ameen.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whisper of Love

Hold on to a whisper of love that softly embraces your hand.
Walk along the beach at night, can't you feel that same whisper in the sand?

It invites you to become a part of it
and leads you down a whole new path
It makes you sense such wonderful feelings
you never thought you could have
Images of endless skies and warm sunny days
flood through your mind, so free
Now that you have experienced the whisper of love,
that is how you are to me