Friday, October 17, 2008

When Would she come in My Life

When Would she come in My Life,
When Will She Say "You Are Mine".

When we Would Go Together For a Little Ride,
I am Waiting For a Day when She become My Life,
After That Everything would Be Alright But When Will She Come in My Life ?

one's i was Sitting Alone for a While,
I was wondering How She look Like,
Suddenly Someone knock the door
I turned and Look behind
then I Saw a Beautiful Girl With Hazel eyes
She Was Gazing Me all the Time
Before I Ask anything to Her,
I Come out From My Fantasy World.
Now What left Was just Smile With some Tears
I am Still Standing on the Place Where You Left Me My Dear.


Joker said...

No matter how close or far u r from me. I'm always there and will always, always care. I know it's the voice of ur heart....God bless u...!!..One day U'll find someone as a true lover........................I wish...!!..I wish..

sheeba qumar said...